whose dog is it?

It’s not a dog it’s a kangaroo


TheOpalDreamCave: Mermaid at Hampton Court (by ukjohn)
Nick lives in a comically imaginary world where women are lead detectives and their authority is never questioned (Detective Rhonda Boney); a world where women seemingly run the media and set the stories of the day (pundits Ellen Abbott and Sharon Schieber). Hilariously, Nick lives in a fantasy world where a woman’s story about domestic abuse is believed and not ruthlessly questioned and continually reframed. It’s a made-up world of Men’s Rights delusion where a woman’s word is said to be more powerful than that of a man’s. Nick can’t take it. “I’m tired of women picking on me,” he opines early on in the film. Played straight by Affleck, the line is comedy gold.- Kiva Reardon on The Hairpin, explaining how Gone Girl is a satire of patriarchy. (via olidel)

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